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Brow Beauty Bar is a team of professional eyebrows artists. That’s not like a beauty salon. The main specialization of our studio 

is Eyebrow Modeling. We’re dedicated to showing our clients and subscribers how a correctly selected eyebrow shape can change any woman beyond recognition by using an innovative BEFORE & AFTER technique. 

We devote more than 40 minutes to each client. You won’t regret about any minute held at the Brow Beauty Bar, believe us! Our goal is to combine quality with customer satisfaction, to provide better service. That’s what sets us apart from many other Brow Bars. 

Our main product is Eyebrow Design  

on Brow Beauty Bar technology. Its founder and main ideological inspiration Ripa Grigoryan worked on it for more than 3 years and brought this unique technology to absolute perfection.You can be surethe shape of your eyebrows after visiting our studio will be perfect. 

The design and shape of eyebrows depends on the features of the unique structure and anatomy of the face. We use professional Austrian Colors for eyebrow tinting, color fastness is 2-3 weeks. By the way it allows you to get an effect comparable in durability with permanent makeup. 

Eyebrows are the most important feature you have. After all, only eyebrows can correct the shape of the face, give the image of romance or make the look more rigid and business. 

Eyebrows have always been a hallmark of true women. That is the reason why they are important. 

Your glance is our top priority! 

With just a glance you can conquer the whole world.  



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